Cloud Framework

The @pulumi/cloud package lets you program infrastructure and application logic, side by side in harmony, using simple, high-level cloud building blocks. This package has three key defining attributes:

  • Easy Cloud Development: Build robust and scalable cloud applications with just a few lines of code.
  • Cloud Agnostic: Not specific to any one particular cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, and various on-premises clouds). Applications built using the high-level @pulumi/cloud components like Service, Table, Topic and API can be deployed to a variety of cloud platforms. Although Pulumi only support AWS today in this framework, our plan is to offer an implementation of this on all major clouds.
  • Serverless: The @pulumi/cloud makes it easy to build applications with minimal fixed infrastructure, event-driven application logic, and using resources that are charged based on actual consumption.

This library is open source and available in the pulumi/pulumi-cloud repo. Full API documentation is available here.


See the following examples of programs that use the Pulumi Cloud library:

  • URL Shortener. A complete URL shortener web application using high-level cloud.Table and cloud.API components.
  • Video Thumnailer. An end-to-end pipeline for generating keyframe thumbnails from videos uploaded to a bucket using containerized FFmpeg.
  • Voting App. A simple voting app example that uses two containers: Redis for the data store and Python Flask app for the frontend.