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Pulumi is used to manage resources in the cloud, no matter the cloud provider. Each cloud has a dedicated package that provides access to its full capabilities, including containers, serverless functions, infrastructure, databases, and more. In addition to the cloud packages, Pulumi offers higher level frameworks to make programming the cloud easier.

Below you will find a list of current packages with links to their full documentation.


Pulumi SDK

The Pulumi SDK package is used for accessing the core programming model around resources, configuration, etc. directly:

Cloud Providers

Each cloud vendor has a dedicated package for deploying resources to it:

Cloud-Agnostic Packages

Pulumi offers highly productive, cloud-agnostic packages, for container and serverless oriented programming. The @pulumi/cloud package provides common abstractions, while the individual implementation packages supply the cloud-specific behavior, in addition to extensions for accessing more cloud-specific controls:

Helper Libraries

These libraries help with common cloud programming patterns and practices:


Coming soon!