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Module authentication/v1beta1

@pulumi/kubernetes > authentication > v1beta1


types/input.ts types/output.ts

function isTokenReview

isTokenReview(o: any): boolean

interface TokenReview

TokenReview attempts to authenticate a token to a known user. Note: TokenReview requests may be cached by the webhook token authenticator plugin in the kube-apiserver.

property apiVersion

apiVersion: string;

APIVersion defines the versioned schema of this representation of an object. Servers should convert recognized schemas to the latest internal value, and may reject unrecognized values. More info:

property kind

kind: string;

Kind is a string value representing the REST resource this object represents. Servers may infer this from the endpoint the client submits requests to. Cannot be updated. In CamelCase. More info:

property metadata

metadata: ObjectMeta;

property spec

spec: TokenReviewSpec;

Spec holds information about the request being evaluated

property status

status: TokenReviewStatus;

Status is filled in by the server and indicates whether the request can be authenticated.

interface TokenReviewSpec

TokenReviewSpec is a description of the token authentication request.

property token

token: string;

Token is the opaque bearer token.

interface TokenReviewStatus

TokenReviewStatus is the result of the token authentication request.

property authenticated

authenticated: boolean;

Authenticated indicates that the token was associated with a known user.

property error

error: string;

Error indicates that the token couldn’t be checked

property user

user: UserInfo;

User is the UserInfo associated with the provided token.

interface UserInfo

UserInfo holds the information about the user needed to implement the user.Info interface.

property extra

extra: object;

Any additional information provided by the authenticator.

property groups

groups: string[];

The names of groups this user is a part of.

property uid

uid: string;

A unique value that identifies this user across time. If this user is deleted and another user by the same name is added, they will have different UIDs.

property username

username: string;

The name that uniquely identifies this user among all active users.