The Pulumi Cloud Console offers multiple ways for people to collaborate on a stack.

Note: This feature is only available on organizations using the Pulumi Team Edition. For more information, see Organizations.


Teams allow organization admins to assign permissions to access a group of stacks to a group of users.

Adding a Team

You can add a new team by going to the organization’s TEAMS tab, and then clicking the NEW button. Only organization administrators can create or update teams.

Similar to importing a GitHub organization into Pulumi, teams are imported from GitHub. To create a new team, simply create one within the backing GitHub organization and then import it within the Pulumi Cloud Console.

Adding a new Pulumi team

The membership of a Pulumi team is managed on GitHub, while set of stack permissions granted to team members is managed on the Pulumi Cloud Console.

Stack Collaborators

Stack collaborators are Pulumi users who have been explicitly invited to collaborate on a stack. Inviting stack collaborators allows people who are not members of the stack’s containing organization to have access to a stack.

On organization members with ADMIN permission will be able to invite stack collaborators.

Inviting Collaborators

To invite a stack collaborator, navigate to the stack’s SETTINGS page and click the INVITE button.

Inviting a stack collaborator

Stack collaborators are added by email. They will recieve a requested to accept the invite, and only then be granted access to the stack. The invite will expire and no longer be available after five days.

All stack collaborators are given WRITE permission to the stack.