Spinning up

As soon as we’re ready to deploy changes, we can run pulumi up.

This will re-run our program and show us a preview again. Because of this, we don’t necessarily need to run pulumi preview manually each time. If you want to be safe, however, it’s always there for you when you need it.

Running pulumi up will show us all the same things we just saw, followed by a prompt:

$ pulumi up
Previewing update of stack 'ahoy-pulumi-dev'
Previewing changes:

     Type                 Name                          Plan
 +   pulumi:pulumi:Stack  ahoy-pulumi-ahoy-pulumi-dev   create
 +   └─ aws:s3:Bucket     my-bucket                     create

info: 2 changes previewed:
    + 2 resources to create

Do you want to perform this update?
> yes

To proceed, select the yes option (or, alternatively, details to see a full diff view). If you want to skip the preview because you’ve already done it, pass --skip-preview, and to auto-confirm the update, pass --yes.

Proceeding with the update will actually provision our resources in the cloud:

Updating stack 'ahoy-pulumi-dev'
Performing changes:

     Type                 Name                          Status
 +   pulumi:pulumi:Stack  ahoy-pulumi-ahoy-pulumi-dev   created
 +   └─ aws:s3:Bucket     my-bucket                     created

info: 2 changes performed:
    + 2 resources created
Update duration: 8.374486431s

Permalink: https://app.pulumi.com/broomllc/ahoy-pulumi-dev/updates/1

At the end, we’ll find a link to the Pulumi service that we can use to see detailed history for our program.

Now that we’ve stood up our first program, let’s see how to update it incrementally afterwards.